Cheap All Inclusive Holidays

Fuerteventura is a great destination for those traveling on a budget or looking for cheap all inclusive holidays. There are many different places to stay on the island, from hostels and surf camps to 5 star hotels and family friendly all inclusive hotels. 

It is a diverse island which offers something for everyone. It is not just about chilling out on the beach, there are also so many other things to do, see and experience, and some really interesting and fun places to visit that everyone in your party will be happy – and ( the best bit! )  it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune!

Cheap Holidays Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura offers something for everyone, which makes it the perfect destination for individuals who fancy a quick getaway or to try their hand at water sports, couples seeking that romantic break, mature travelers in search of some winter sunshine or larger groups traveling together. And when it comes to budgeting options, you are spoiled for choice. There are many ways to enjoy Fuerteventura and whether you prefer shared accommodation, your own private villa or to mix and mingle with other holiday makers, the choice is up to you. I will cover each of these options in more detail later, but for now I want to focus on All-Inclusive options, as these are becoming increasingly popular and are a great choice for those trying to stick to a budget.

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Cheap All Inclusive Holidays

All inclusive holidays come in all shapes and sizes and in Fuerteventura there are plenty of places and holiday options to choose from. Whether its cheap all inclusive holidays that you are after for a quick family getaway, or something a little more luxurious, there are plenty of accommodation options available up and down the island. And, for anyone following a budget, cheap all-inclusive holidays are a really attractive option as you simply pay for your holiday in advance and then pretty much everything that you could want is included during your stay.

What’s Included?

When choosing an All inclusive holiday, there are a few things you need to look out for before booking, as the facilities and what’s included in your package will vary from hotel to hotel. In fact, what is included can actually vary between hotel guests staying in the same accommodation, depending on which tour operator you traveled with, so it is always worth checking before placing your booking to make sure that you get what you expect on arrival. Details of what is included is always listed in the tour operator brochures or on their websites and will include things like: Local spirits and soft drinks up to 11pm, snacks served between 2pm – 4pm, buffet-style meals, beach towels, 1 days use of the onsite spa etc. These will vary depending on the facilities offered in each accommodation, so its always a good idea to check first.

All Inclusive options – Meals

Full or Half Board: Most packages will include meals, however which meals and where you get to eat can them can vary from accommodation to accommodation too. In a typical hotel, on a full board / all inclusive basis, breakfast, lunch and dinner will usually be included in your package and take place in the main dining room. However, some hotels also have additional restaurants onsite, such as an A-La Carte, Pizzeria, Burger Bar or specialty restaurant such as Sushi, Thai or Italian. Often a meal or two in the ‘other’ restaurant is included in your package, but this is not always the case. In some places, the ‘other’ restaurant is an independent concern and you will be charged for using it, so always check first. If you are at all in doubt, then just check with reception before reserving your table.

Snacks: In some hotels, a range of snacks, such as baguettes, burgers and ice-cream will also be included. These are usually offered outside of the main meal times and are a good way of keeping hungry little bellies happy, when the main restaurant is closed. They are also handy for those who prefer to eat early or are venturing out for the hotel for a while and won’t be around for meal times.

Help Yourself: Most places offer a buffet-style form of dining, especially for breakfast. This is where loads of different food choices are prepared and laid out ready for you to browse and chose whatever you want. Usually there will be different sections set up and the necessary cutlery and crockery required for each, laid out alongside. You simple work you way along, choosing what you fancy as you go.


Buffet Style Breakfast: 

Buffet style dining is a good choice for families, and especially good for those with fussy eaters in tow. Usually a buffet style breakfast is set up into different sections. There will be a section that contains all kinds of different cereals, fruits and yogurts, another with breads and similar baked goods. There is also usually a cooked section, where bain marie’s are lined up under heat lamps containing hot scrambled and boiled eggs, bacon, baked beans, mushrooms, tomatoes etc. so you can build your own cooked breakfast. There will also be small ovens set up, for those who fancy a slice of toast or two and an area where you can get tea, coffee and fruit juices. In some places, there are also some microwave ovens, so Mum’s and Dad’s can heat up baby milk, if needed.

COVID 19 – Meals in Fuerteventura

As with most places in the world, the pandemic and social distancing has changed the way in which people and places function. This includes hotels and holiday accommodation. Because of social distancing rules, many hotels which normally offer buffet style dining have had to change the way it works and instead of being able to go up to the counters yourself, you will instead be served by a waiter/waitress, who will ask you what you want and then they will retrieve the items for you. They will also serve you tea, coffee, juice etc. at your table. This obviously varies from hotel to hotel and for some people is seen as an inconvenience, but please remember this is all in place to help keep you and your loved one’s safe. So please be patient.

Waiter Service

Many of the hotels that offer cheap all inclusive holidays adopt the buffet style system of dining. This is because they are usually larger hotels, with many holiday makers and lots of children and this way of working is an efficient way of feeding a lot of hungry mouths at once. But, in some of the smaller, more intimate and often slightly more expensive hotels, you will be offered waiter service instead. In some places you will be allocated a table number and that will remain your table for the duration of your stay. In others, they work on a first come – first served basis, and the Maître d’ will allocate you a table for that specific meal time, when you arrive at the restaurant.

Dietary Choices: If you have food allergies or specific dietary requirements please let your waiter or restaurant manager know. In Fuerteventura, allergy information is always shown on menu’s when you are out and about in resort, but when you are looking at buffet style dining, understanding what is in each dish can be harder to identify. Although Fuerteventura is a small island in the middle of the Atlantic, it does still have access to many of the food stuffs you are used to back in the UK and Ireland, so items such as dairy, veggie, vegan or gluten-free etc. are avaialble. Just make any special requirements and  allergies known to your waiter or restaurant manager, so they can advise you accordingly.

All Included

So, in short, if you want a holiday where everything is pretty much all your food and drink is taken care of for you and included in your initial booking price, then an all inclusive holiday could be for you.

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