History Canary Islands – Traditional Games

Traditional Canarian Games An article by Bernie Power with The Voice Bernie Power History Canary Islands – Traditional Games The History of the Canary Islands is colourful and interesting, but there are also lots of day to day things which easily get forgotten, such as what people used to do to entertain themselves. So I […]

Christmas In The Canaries

Many children around Europe will be waiting in anticipation for Christmas Day – 25th December. But here in Fuerte, the local children will be looking forward to the 5th and 6th January instead. But Why? Christmas in The Canary islands This is the date that most of us in the UK and Ireland consider to […]

colourful kites in the sky

Things To Do In Fuerteventura – Kite Festival

There are lots of things to do in Fuerteventura and lots of dates to add to your diary. One event that you dont want to miss is the annual Kite Festival, which takes places every November. This is the time when the winds pick up and the sand dunes of Corralejo and part of the […]


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