common octopus

Fuerteventura Diving – The Common Octopus

COMMON OCTOPUS – The Flora and Fauna of Fuerteventura An Article By Hannah Mackay with The Voice  Hannah Mackay The Common Octopus  With the Fifa World Cup looming this month, we thought it fitting to include Paul the Octopus who gained worldwide attention during the 2010 World Cup as the Animal Oracle, by predicting the […]

Canary Islands History – The Oldest Island

FUERTEVENTURA IS THE OLDEST CANARY ISLAND Canary Islands History – Fuerte Focus  An article by Bernie Power with The Voice Fuerteventura Magazine  Bernie Power Canary Islands History  Fuerteventura is 20 million years old so far, and is the most eroded of all the Canary archipelago. We are nearly flat compared to the other, newer, islands […]


Marine Flora around Fuerteventura  Above And Below  An article by Hannah Mackay with The Voice Magazine Marine Flora in Fuerteventura  Hannah Mackay  Marine Flora in Fuerteventura  Marine Flora  Marine Flora can be separated into two groups; Algae and Sea Grass. Algae are simple in their makeup. They do not have roots, leaves or stems but […]

Canadian mojo recipes

Canarian Tapas – Mojo Recipes

Canarian Tapas – Mojo Recipes Canarian tapas are very popular in Fuerteventura and each resort has local tapas bars where you can try a good range of different traditional foods at the same time. If you are new to Canarian Tapas and would like to know more about their origin and history, then click here. But […]

woman in wheelchair on beach in Fuerteventura

Disabled Friendly Holidays

Disabled Friendly Holidays Fuerteventura is a great place for all the family and welcomes everyone to its shores. There are lots of hotels and holiday villas that have been adapted and modernised to be able to offer great value as well as luxury disabled friendly holidays so that everyone can get out and about. But […]

History Canary Islands – Traditional Games

Traditional Canarian Games An article by Bernie Power with The Voice Bernie Power History Canary Islands – Traditional Games The History of the Canary Islands is colourful and interesting, but there are also lots of day to day things which easily get forgotten, such as what people used to do to entertain themselves. So I […]


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