About Us

Hello – Hola

I’m Luisa. aka The Ed of The Voice Fuerteventura Magazine. I was fed up of working 9-5, grey skies and drizzly rain so, I moved to Fuerteventura, to add more sunshine to my life. I wanted to bathe in crystal clear waters and feel soft sand between my toes, so I put together a plan and made my dream a reality.

From Grey Skies to Sunshine

In 2008, my plan was in place. I sold my house, turned my back on the world of global communications and, along with my husband, dog and two cats, packed everything into a van and moved half-way across the world. We chose Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands as our base and within in a matter of days, it became home.

Making Dreams A Reality

I, like many, dreamed of swapping my suits for sandals and briefcase for a bikini and in June 2008, that is exactly what I did. Within just a few months Fuerteventura felt like home. We embraced the local culture, explored the island, splashed about in the ocean and indulged ( OK, perhaps overindulged ) in the local cuisine as well as sampling some of the cheap booze that attracts many a holiday maker to the islands shores. However, even though we were quite happy getting accustomed to our new surroundings, it soon became apparent that there was much more to this island than you could read on the tourist excursions leaflets, so I began to do some digging. That digging and my insatiable thirst for knowledge, eventually became The Voice Fuerteventura magazine.

Much More To It!

One of the things you notice when you arrive in Fuerteventura, apart from the sun drenched, white sandy beaches, arid landscape and stunning volcanic scenery, is that somewhere on the island there is always a fiesta! The people on this island really do know how to party and enjoy life to the full and, conveniently, there are plenty of Saints Day’s ( Bank Holidays or Fiesta’s ) which allow them to do it. After delving deeper into some of the stories behind the Saints and Fiesta’s and looking into the history of the islands, Canarian Food and traditions, I realised just how interesting Fuerteventura really was, so I decided to share my new-found knowledge with everyone and launched my magazine.

The Voice Fuerteventura soon became a hit with both the ex-pats and the tourists and became known as ‘the little glossy mag that fits in your bag.’ We welcomed new sections and articles from experts in their field, and the team grew and grew. This allowed us to cover everything from gardening and cooking to history and hair and beauty, and pretty much anything and everything else in between and just like The Voice team – the magazine grew and grew.

Covid 19 & The Voice

The Voice Fuerteventura has now been going strong for over 9 years, thanks to the wonderful writers that help fill its pages with interesting and helpful articles and the generous and loyal advertisers and readers who always like to add their input and support. However, 2020 has been a challenging year and due to Covid 19 and the restrictions that have been imposed on so many businesses, we too have had to change the way in which we work and cannot currently distribute our magazine like we used to. So, we have decided ( whilst the world gets back to some sort of normality ) to take our mag online. During the lockdown many of our writers wrote some great articles for us and we welcomed some new members and content to our pages too, so it is only fair that we try to share them with you all – in the best way that we can. So, from now…online is going to be the way to go.

So, if you want to be entertained and get the best out of your stay on the island, whether you are just paying a fleeting visit or are staying longer; or you are one of those who are yearning to be here, but the whole quarantine thing is preventing you from visiting; or you just want to know more about Fuerteventura and some fun facts or info regarding things or places you have come across during your travels, then get in touch. If I don’t have the answer you are looking for, then myself or someone is our team is bound to know someone who does.

It is an amazing island that is just waiting to welcome you back to its shores. And if you are one of the lucky ones that is planning a visit, make sure you get up off your sunbeds, grab your face mask and sanitiser and strap on your sandals, because there is a whole different side of Fuerteventura out there, just waiting or you to discover and enjoy it – and hopefully, with the help of the wonder that is the internet – we can bring all of that a little closer to you all.

If you have any questions or just want to add your input, then please feel free to get in touch by sending me an email at info@thevoicefuerteventura.com or leave a comment below. The Voice Fuerteventura was created and is written BY locals and holidaymakers – FOR locals and holidaymakers, so feel free to get involved.

All the best & Stay Safe!


Luisa a.k.a The Ed